Kala Chashma 2 – Indeep Bakshi | Esshanya S

Kala Chashma 2 – Indeep Bakshi | Esshanya S

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Kala Chashma 2 – Indeep Bakshi | Esshanya S HD Video Download Free

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Song – Kala Chashma 2
Singer – Indeep Bakshi #IBDOPEHAI
Music – Indeep Bakshi
Lyrics – Indeep Bakshi
Rap – Indeep Bakshi

Producer – Indeep Bakshi
Mixed & Master – B-SANJ
Additional lyrics – SRB
Female Lead – Esshanya S Maheshwari
Director – Deepesh Goyal
DOP – Nishan Singh
Choreographer – Amit Syal
Editor/Colorist – Deepesh Goyal
Asst. Director – Ashish Khomera, Moksh Suryavanshi, Vicky, Shubham Sachdeva
Asst. Choreographer – Ankit Thapa, Priyanka Sharma
Production – Deepesh Rakheja
Prod. Asst – Sarthak Mongia
Makeup & Hair – Sanju & Team
Stills – Karan Mankoo
Publicity Designs – Sumit Bamal

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Kala Chashma 2 – Indeep Bakshi | Esshanya S Video

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